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Dragon City Hack v6.2

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Dragon City Gems Hack

Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Cheats Gems

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Dragon City Cheats

Dragon City Hack Gems Features

Free Gems
Unlimited Gems

Operation Dragon City Hack is similar to the rest of the programs on the site. Kopij user id and paste into the program and you press the “Connect”. Then go to “Select” and enter the amount of Gems and press “Start” and wait 2-3 minutes Refresh Browser.

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About Dragon City

Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game with the theme around dragon breeding, hatching and fighting. The game is developed by Social Point, which has published Facebook games such as Social Wars, and Social Empires.

The game is primarily executed in the way like all other games released by Social Point. In Dragon City, you start from your magical dragon island where you create your dragons in the hatchery, and grow dragons to earn more gold by placing them in the habitats. As you have placed the dragons in order, you need to feed them with food that will be produced in the Farm. Dragons have a big appetite, and you must grow as much food as possible.

The game title lies about the “city” but is honest in “dragon” stuff. In my personal opinion, it should be named Dragon Farm or Dragon Village.

On this small floating island, you actually own a ranch for keeping dragons. Buy an earth habitat. Purchase an egg of earth dragon, hatch it in the Hatchery, place the earth dragon in the earth habitat, and feed the dragon. Likewise, the water habitat homes the water dragons, fire habitat the fire dragons and the plant habitat the plant dragons. Since all dragons generate gold, you can click the habitats to collect the gold once in a while. Most of the actions you take on a farm, a habitat or the Hatchery, are done by clicking the facility and then clicking the concerned icon appearing at the interface bottom instead of just clicking on the facility itself.

Naturally, you have to deploy farms to cultivate the plants for dragon food. Dragon City provides only three types of plants, whose growth time are 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, sparing you long waits. The food is used for dragon upgrades and you are not required to feed dragons constantly.

There is a Breeding Mountain in the store that you could purchase for matchmaking any two of your dragons regardless of their origins. You just click the Breeding Mountain, click Breed button at the bottom, and choose the dragons you like to make a pair. Then the two of them would spend some time together near the Breeding Mountain – during which time they stop generating revenues of course – and an egg would appear in your Hatchery. You could speed up the hatching and then place the dragon to a suitable habitat. Dragons of different origins bring mixed breeds and different orders in selecting the same two types of dragons also result in different varieties of dragons. For example, an earth dragon and a water dragon would produce a mud dragon, a fire dragon and a water dragon breed cloud dragon while a water dragon and a fire dragon could bring a blizzard dragon. Eggs of all those varieties can be found in the shop too, but as you have more and more types in your habitats, you don’t have to pay to have access to new breeds any more. Nevertheless, you have to upgrade the dragons to level 4 first. Otherwise, they could not be applied to breeding in the first place.

After you achieve level 10, you will be tasked with building a Stadium with the help of your friends and gems. Once completed, the stadium allows you to bring a team of three dragons to challenge one dragon. The battles are turn-based and the attacks you are able to unleash vary depending on the type of your dragon in battle. Even if your dragon is several levels ahead of your enemy, it might lose all the same. But don’t worry. Send the second one and even the third one. Don’t rest until you drain the HP of that opponent. A victory in this tournament will reward you with one gem and 1000 gold. Pretty desirable, huh? But you can attend the tournament once in every twelve hours.

You are allowed to expand your land to the rest of the present island and further to the other three islands available in the game. Those expansions cost huge amounts of gold or a number of gems. There are times when you have to clear bush, rocks and trees for more space in your current area but the clearings are also expensive. Clearing a Big Tree alone, for example, consumes 1000 gold.

Dragon City, however, is not good in every detail. There is this Recruitment Tavern that you could catch a glimpse of the three special dragons that you could not breed with your own ones. You could have one of them only if you ask help from three of your friends. Excuse me, but help? Who is it kidding? That is propaganda anyway.

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