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Pockie Pirates Gold Hack

Pockie Pirates Hack

Pockie Pirates Silver Prestige Cheats

We have created a brilliant program that generates free resources in the game Pockie Pirates. After yesterday’s testing have found that we are ready to give you Pockie Pirates Hack. Free Gold, Silver and Prestige will not be a problem for you, download Pockie Pirates Cheats and earn high reputation among the players and get the popularity of the game. Yesterday I added to a test account 1500 Gold and enjoyed as a little child as was winning all the duels. Pockie Pirates Hack tool is a tool for people who want to have a lot more free time. Think what you could do with this tool. Create your empire in the game, earn anything you want with our program that generates free Gold, Silver and Prestige. In addition to the program we provide security updates and many other features available to you. We invite you to download Pockie Pirates Cheats tool.

Pockie Pirates Cheats

Pockie Pirates Hack free Gold Features

Free Gold
Unlimited Silver
Unlimited Prestige

Service Pockie Pirates Cheats is very easy. Create’ll play so that they are easy to learn. So you open the program and enter User ID and select the server on which you are playing. Then you go to the “Control Panel” and enter the amount of Gold, Silver and Prestige and you press the “ADD”. You wait 2-3 minutes and refresh your browser. Good luck and great success.

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About Pockie Pirates

Identical characters are everywhere.

Characters and scenes in the Pockie Pirates are lovably graphed. But the thing is, since players only have the opportunity to select character class without being able to customize the avatars, all the places are teeming with piles of characters with the same look and outfit. And that’s really annoying.

You are not confined to the skills specific to your class.

Four classes are available: swordsman, sniper, navigator and doctor, each with distinctive advantages. For example, the navigator excels at navigating while the doctor is able to heal the group in team battles. But you won’t miss the opportunity to explore what it would be like if you’d selected other classes – you would gradually recruit crew and have them battle with your character. And the crew comes in various classes and abilities. They would level up with your protagonist through battles and you can equip them with weapons, clothes, and skills you obtain or acquire.

Pockie Pirate probably witnesses the best translation in Chinese gaming industry.

The game developer’s ambition and dedication for the game’s global introduction are quite obvious in the carefully conducted translation. The commonly seen Chinglish expressions in Chinese games are not to be seen in Pockie Pirate. All the sentences and expressions are natural – or at least try to be as natural as possible. Honestly, previously I didn’t think that even possible in any Chinese title. Nonetheless, there are still some incomplete remarks because of the limited size of dialog boxes. Also, I found Chinese characters that were not translated yet – or maybe they were left the way they were purposefully? I don’t know.

The game showers players with the same or similar items again and again and again.

Almost all the experience you would get come from battles, together with weapons and outfits. And since each task may involve multiple combats, you can accumulate quite a few items of the same type and of the same function. I kept only those of the highest level and those bringing the best defense and causing the greatest damage and sold all the other stuff. And I regretted it soon when I discovered my crew needs equipment and outfits too.

The gameplay is more than easy but some tasks are quite demanding.

With the automatic tracking system, players have to do nothing except clicking the Seeking buttons in the quest bar to send the characters back and forth to have conversations with NPCs and to accept and finish quests. And when it comes to battles, you simple enter the map, click the concerned battle, and then select the ship you are allowed to attack. After that you can wait for the battle result. Sometimes you may be asked to choose a reward for completing 40 percent or 100 percent of a battle. And that’s all the game is about. Nothing complicated.

But each attack you initiate will be evaluated with the remaining HP of your character and crew as the criteria and you will obtain one, two or three stars accordingly. It is easy to get three stars at first but that grows more and more difficult as you encounter enemies of higher levels. Therefore, when missions named Perfect completion demand that I obtain all the stars in a battle, I thought quitting would be an easier way out. Realizing it would not be easy to fulfill other quests either, I gave it a try and hours later there is still one ship where I could not achieve three stars.

Few freemium players like the stamina or energy or whatever it is called in Facebook games. Well, you might love that after playing Pockie Pirates.

It was not until I battled time and again with the ships to get three stars that I was aware of the vitality, of which one point is consumed every time you start an attack while you only obtain one every 30 minutes. And as I said, the game frequently involves players in combats and it is more often than not that you may be out of vitality and could not continue to participate in battles. Usually I am unhappy once the recovery of one energy point takes more than four minutes but I believe I may be grateful instead next time when I play games on Facebook.

You may still get to relax yourself and obtain treasures if not occupied with the quests.

Underwater Treasure enables players to spend gold and fetch items randomly selected among the experience scrolls, training potions, silver cards, shell chests, and others. You can also visit the harbor to enslave other players or start fishing for more silver coins. Even if you don’t want to do anything yourself, you are able to select the Auto Play and go hunting to earn silver and experience.

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