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The Tribez Hack 5.2

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The Tribez Gems Trainer Generator

The Tribez Hack

The Tribez Cheats Gold Hack Generator

Would you like to hear the great news? This is a great day for all fans of Facebook games in particular for The Tribez. Many hours of work a lot of days lost has led us to the creation of The Tribez Cheats! When we finished the program received a big round of applause because it was not easy. The Tribez Hack was due to Jason who really wanted the program to play this game. Without losing much time we got down to work. Let me tell you that this is a great game and the best free program! Let’s get down to the facts namely Following The Tribez Cheats Free Gems and Gold. We have added a generator of these resources because they are the most important in the facebook game. With Gems and Gold can buy other commodities such as food and much more. In addition, as in any of our program, we added the automatic and manual updates, and a proxy so you’ll always anonymous. The Tribez Hack is 100% safe. Please review this program and comments. Download Link The Tribez Cheats at the bottom of the page.


The Tribez Hack Cheats Gems Tool Features

Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold

Operation The Tribez Cheats generator is very easy to use. You start the game on facebook and turn the program. You enter the user id that is on the bottom of the page in the game as shown in the video tutorial and you press the “Connect”. Then go to “Select” and enter the number of Gems and Gold. After passing these tasks, click “Start” and wait 2-3 minutes for the software to add all the resources, and reload the page with the game.


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How to Download?

About The Tribez

The Tribez may sound like a civilization building game, but it’s actually just a typical iOS city builder wearing a very elaborate, cleverly designed coat of paint. You play as someone from the modern day who finds a lost underwater civilization. Treated as a messiah figure by the villagers, you’re roped into helping them develop their civilization, which means the usual CityVille-style grind of erecting buildings, leveling them up, collecting resources, and expanding your territory. Where The Tribez parts way with CityVille is in its philosophy toward social interaction and microtransactions.

While CityVille demands constant nagging of your social graph in order to progress, The Tribez is happy to let you progress throughout the game without interacting with other players at all. Likewise, there’s less of an emphasis on buying vanity items with your virtual currency. Instead, players are encouraged to spend them mostly on speeding up building times. So instead of running into the brick wall of the “no friends tax” social network city builders often implement, The Tribez is all about long build times.

This approach works surprisingly well. The Tribez’ focus on single-player gaming allows for a wider variety of missions and more freedom in designing your tribe’s settlements. You begin with a few huts in a jungle clearing, but slowly unlock decorative items, workshops, and more elaborate huts to build. As you add dwellings to your village, more villagers move into it. Increasing your population triggers a variety of story-based quests reminiscent of FrontierVille‘s early days, though instead of marriage you focus on things like finding lost treasures and defeating invading enemies.

The Tribez

The Tribez offers a stronger sense of progression than most city builders, since you actually have long-term goals to pursue. The game takes place across three islands, though you can only access later islands by developing earlier ones as completely as possible. This means building up large populations, clearing away obstacles, and otherwise succeeding at playing the game. Managing large settlements is surprisingly painless, as it’s easy to use the iPad’s touch interface to quickly scroll around all areas of a developed island.

What makes The Tribez genuinely pleasant to play is the attention paid to the graphics. Buildings are large and colorful, with designs that get more complex as you level them up. Your islands are full of life, with pterodactyls, small mammals, and brightly colored insects constantly moving around the map. Even your villagers are surprisingly detailed, which animations for having conversations, eating, or just taking a load off. The Tribez doesn’t bring anything new to freemium city builders, but it’s a very charming take on a genre that’s perfectly suited for tablet play.


  • Extremely attractive presentation. Easy on battery life. Clear, intuitive presentation. Isn’t too pushy about microtransactions.


  • Gameplay is nothing new. Social mechanics are superfluous.
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