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Zynga Slingo Hack v4.3

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Zynga Slingo Hack Cash

Zynga SLingo Hack

Zynga Slingo Cash Generator

Zynga Slingo Hack was created from the passion of our professionals and users on request. Please be patient all our programs on the order are in the queue. Zynga Slingo Hack can add free cash to your account. All users are asked to add cash generator because it is our most important resource in the game. If you need more features please write to us on this matter as soon as possible we will try to add new features. Zynga Slingo Hack has also update that corrects the errors, in case of problems you press the “Update” button and the program in August you update to the latest version. Zynga Slingo Cheats was created on the new platform. The program find everything you need. Just download and check what you have accomplished. Please reviews. We collect more and more fans, thank you for your support and kindness. We hope you enjoy the game.

Zynga Slingo Cheats

Zynga Slingo Hack Cash Features

Free Cash
Unlimited Cash

How to use the Zynga Slingo Hack?

Cash Hack Zynga Slingo is very easy to use. Enable id enter our website and you press the “Connect”. When you enter the program now then combine the amount of cash and you press the “Start” button. You wait 2-3 minutes and refresh this page. That’s all you can enjoy the game.

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How to Download?

About Zynga Slingo

Zynga Slingo offers five worlds to explore, each with 9 stages. In each stage, players are supposed to match all the numbers on the card. At the outset, the matching can be quite easy but as fewer and fewer numbers are on the card, the possibility that the same number appears in the spin row is getting smaller and smaller.

Zynga Slingo is all about luck. The gameplay is as simple as to have a cup of tea. I started the game after reading some reviews and introductions and realized how easy the game is.

All I had to do was to click the Spin button and when the spinning process was over, five numbers (sometimes numbers and icons) were displayed in the spin row. And I had to find out if there was any number on the card that was the same as any number in the spin row. If any, click the upper number and its spot is vacant. If no or no more number matches, you can just have another spin. The numbers in the spin row are darkened if there is no match.

The purple balls in the vertical bar on the right of the card give players chances to spin. When the purple balls run out and you still have numbers to match, you have to spend 2,000 coins or 2 energies for two spins. It is advised you do not use the energy, which are limited and which decrease during the game. I used the energy and later had to buy energy using cash to continue the game. Only 10 cash is available and once you need more cash, you have to purchase them with real money. Given that the coins are not enough to complete the task either, I have to click the BANK button every time and therefore was unable to unlock any more stages.

If any clown appears in the spin row, click any of the numbers in the same column where the clown is located, and the spot is vacant. Sometimes you can even click one of the same diagonal the clown is in as long as those numbers turn yellow-though I never figured out why. If an explosion icon appears in the spin row, you could click on one of the numbers in the same column (occasionally the numbers around the number you click are also cleared automatically). There are times when a special coin comes up in the spin row after a spin. The coin automatically spins itself and you are expected to choose your bet among 15%, 35% and 50%. If the coin ends its spin with the blonde girl side (allegedly an angel) facing you, you will get scores that are 15%, 35% or 50% of your present scores depending on which percentage you choose; if it ends with the terrifying Slingo Devil, you will lose 15%, 35% or 50% of your present scores. I was cautious and always chose 15% and the coin always showed me the blonde girl. Just when I thought I was lucky enough and dared to choose 35% one time, I got the Slingo Devil and lost scores. Luckily, you can get Friend jokers now and then, which have your friends’ faces on it. Similar to clowns, they allow you to clear any number of the same column. An additional purple ball is offered at times after a spin, which implies one more chance to have numbers you need.

Whenever numbers in a line, a row or a diagonal are all cleared, coins will be rewarded to you. I never had the chance to find out how a Slinger is earned because I stuck in level 6 of the first world and never managed to match all the numbers on the card any more.

Given its cute animation and refreshing background music, Zynga Slingo is the right place you should go for rest and entertainment. But when it comes to search for exciting gaming experiences, I personally do not believe this game can keep one’s focus for long.

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